Databasing HUD-1 software and HUD-1A Software for Mac OSX and Windows - Your work just got a lot easier with Hud1Plus!

Updated with the New August 2015 5-Page Closing Disclosure forms - Available June 15, 2015

Designed around a logical 'work-flow', HUD1Plus for Windows or Mac is super easy to use, and is filled with click-on buttons that make operating and navigating the program a real breeze. No expensive training, no down-time for learning, just productivity from the start.

First time users can master Hud1Plus in under 20 minutes - so you can spend your time putting out closings, not learning programming. This graphically oriented software has dozens of click-on buttons that make navigating and operating the program a real breeze.
No expensive training, no down-time for learning, just pure productivity from the get go!

Click a button to:
Print 3 pages of the HUD-1, 1099's, Buyers & Sellers Statement
Print the Addendum, the HUD-1A, Acknowledgement of Receipt
Print the Initial, Project, and Historic Escrow Disclosure Statement

Posting of Buyers and Sellers data to the Settlement Statement.
Posting of Settlement Agents data.
Calculations on all forms.
It doesn't get any easier!

The HUD1Plus has the new 3-page HUD-1, the new 2-page HUD-1A, and the A, B, & C copies of the 1099S - and all of these automatically fill in the Client data to reduce typing duplication.

When you need to get a closing out quickly or make last minute changes, no other software is as fast as Hud1Plus.
1 - Find one client closing out of 5,000,000 in under 1 second
2 - Accept revisions and output new forms in 20 seconds
3 - Start a new filing and have the documents done in less than 10 minutes
4 - Auto-calculates all your numeric entries, eliminating calculation errors and the 're-do' process.
5 - Databased filings allow for archiving, re-editing, or re-printing at any time (up to 5,000,000 cases).
Time is money and Hud1Plus saves you a ton of both!

Hud1Plus automatically posts your Closing Agent, Buyer and Seller data to all these forms:
HUD-1 Addendum
Notice of Right to Cancel
Acknowledgement & Receipt
Initial Escrow Account Disclosure Statement
Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement Account History
Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement Projections for the Coming Year

The Client DataBase screen illustrates the graphical interface commonly used throughout the program: click-on tabs to navigate the program and click-on buttons for program functions

All the Buyer, Seller and Closing Agent information is automatically posted to the HUD-1 and the HUD-1A, and all number data is automatically calculated.

Price: $269
Hardware/OS Requirements:
Macintosh: Mac OSX 10.3 or newer.
Windows: WindowsXP, Windows 7, NT, or 2000.

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