Economical and easy to use, this Hud1 closing program set the standard in the Industry.

Designed around a logical 'work-flow', Hud1Forms for Windows or Mac is super easy to use, and is filled with click-on buttons that make operating and navigating the program a real breeze. No expensive training, no down-time for learning, just productivity from the start.

This stand-alone program (requires no other program to run it) produces the standard HUD-1 forms used in escrow offices, real estate offices, and law offices handling real estate transactions. The on-screen forms look exactly like those used with typewriters, giving the user a familiar interface and allowing easy entry of all data. Calculations are automatic and instantaneous, eliminating errors in calculating and transferring numbers from a calculator to a form. Numerous click-on-buttons allow even a first time user to glide through closings in minutes. The program databases the forms (complete or partially done) allowing for archiving, re-editing, or re-printing at any time and can store more than 25,000 completed filings. Print out on a laser printer duplicates exactly the OMB No. 2502-0265 forms.

Price: $189
Hardware/OS Requirements:
Mac: OS X.
Windows: WindowsXP, 2000 or NT.

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